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Wedding Venue

Your wedding day dreams begin to take shape when you select your wedding venue.  Discover local hotels, historic antebellum homes, wedding barns, farms for weddings, garden settings and glamorous ballrooms below.

Wedding Venues

What type of wedding do you want to have? That is the first question you should ask yourself when you begin your wedding venue search because everyone knows the setting sets the style.  If you want a traditional, glamorous wedding opt for an opulent ballroom in the city.  If you want a sentimental, southern style wedding, opt for a wedding in a barn or historic home in the country.  

We suggest starting your wedding venue search at least 12 months in advance of your wedding day.  Most popular wedding locations will be booked at least a year in advance and you don’t want to fall in love with a venue only to discover that it’s not available when you want to get married.

Narrow down your venue search by zooming into the map above on the city you’d like to get married in.  Simply click on the venue locator and an image of the wedding venue will appear.  If you like what you see, click to view more and contact the venue using our easy venue quote request form.  You can view all event venues by type and style by using the auto-complete search box on the navigation bar as well.

For budgeting purposes, your ceremony venue (if at a different location from your wedding reception) will be 2-3% of your wedding budget.  Your reception wedding venue will cost you 48-50% of your total wedding budget because this likely includes catering and drinks costs as well.  If you are opting for a venue that allows you to bring in outside catering, the total expense will be lower with food costs being attributed to the wedding caterer.