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Garden Wedding Venues

Garden wedding venues are the perfect place for sweet, sentimental weddings. For the couple who are looking for a natural setting, you may find several venues offer garden ceremony settings or even garden wedding reception settings in additional to their inside spaces. The bonus - they come prepared with a plan b incase of rain. Here we've rounded up our favorite Garden wedding venues just for you...

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Garden Wedding Venues

Getting married in a garden might be what every girl dreams of.  Picture this: walking down a flower lined aisle, brick pathway or under an arbor of wisteria with the smell of fragrant roses or gardenias, and the golden hour sun in the backdrop are enough to make you forget about the possible heat or rain.  We get it – garden weddings are everything!

Lucky for you there are some amazing garden venues available to rent for weddings.  And, you don’t have to look for the description garden in the name for it to fit the bill.  Several wedding venues know that garden weddings are very trendy so they’ve designed their properties to include a special ceremony setting set in a garden to accommodate everyone’s request.  Often antebellum homes, mansions, barn wedding venues, even country clubs will have a special garden setting specifically for weddings.

Or you could look for a botanical garden center in your city like the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Atlanta, Ga.  These venues are often science centers who are focused daily on education programs and providing a community service to local families and because the grounds are so beautiful, they are the perfect spot for weddings too.

The style garden venue you choose will ultimately affect what your event rental bill is like.  If you opt for a botanical center, chances are this large scale venue will also have a reception hall or banquet hall on property for your wedding reception.  If the venue does not have a space for the reception, you will need to secure a tent for the wedding reception to protect against the elements.  You will want to also consider tent air conditioning, tables and chairs among other things to secure from an event rental company if necessary.