City and Private Clubs

You can find these city club venues or private member club venues often at the top of your city's landmark skyscrapers. They bring a touch of sophistication and impeccable views to weddings and parties alike. Here you'll find our favorite city club venues below...

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City and Private Club Wedding Venues

Country clubs are one of the quintessential wedding venues–charmingly traditional and nearly all-inclusive. But not all couples are going to be enchanted by sweeping grounds and the peaceful breeze on the terrace. For those future brides and grooms that are looking for a little more action, but don’t want to miss out on the exclusivity and elegance, city and private clubs are a great option. Often situated in the high levels or on the top of a downtown skyscraper, these urban oases boast breathtaking views of your local city skyline and a perfect location to immerse yourself in the hustle, bustle, and excitement while you exchange your vows.

Though they will occupy a smaller space than their more rural counterparts, city and private clubs will be just as well equipped when it comes to your wedding. Most will have bridal suites, a full staff, and a couple of locations to accommodate the scope of your needs. Because of where they are situated, there will not be quite the range of location options for the different parts of your day and unless their is a rooftop space, most likely there will be no outdoor option.

Catering will, more than likely, be provided exclusively by the club and no outside caterer or alcohol will be allowed. However, the lunch spots of the city’s top executives, these clubs are more than competent when it comes to the culinary arts. Highly skilled chefs and well-trained serving staff will take care of you and your guests with pre-planned menu options or personalized courses.

Keep in mind, however, that clubs do require membership and some are selective about who they allow to use their event spaces. A few will need you to get a recommendation from a member before you are allowed to book. Most, though, will allow you to rent the space unhindered, so don’t be too discouraged. Just communicate with the staff before you get too attached to a space and find out their policy.