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Brian Miller - Creative, Candid and Totally Swell


Hi! I’m Brian, guy with cameras and husband to my wonderful wife Nicky.

Here, hold my coffee! This is where I talk about myself in an awkwardly confident way.

It’s my job to make you look good however making myself look good is a much bigger project. I’m just a guy on the other end of this contact page reading your messages. I love life, I find humor in most things, I’m pretty real, I get the job done under pressure and I’m obsessed with telling your story. I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and stay in shape through various activities. Being a wedding photographer is demanding and I want to be good at every aspect of it but also do it my own way. On a wedding day you will often see me climbing on things, crawling through bushes, running around like a crazy person, just looking for something a little different. I love what I do and love this path I’m on.

Now that I’ve told you my story tell me yours!

Been In The Business: Since 2013
Known For: Having fun and telling stories through imagery
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Brian Miller
Photographer / Owner

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