Hire Reputable Wedding Vendors

The wedding vendors you hire for your wedding day will have the greatest impact on the overall success of your party more than anything else.  Why?  Because these are the people you are entrusting to take all of the ideas you’ve pulled together over the last 10-12 months and execute them in perfect synchronization on one very important day – flawlessly.  No pressure right?  

The good news is, while that might seem like an impossible feat to someone who is planning a wedding for the first time like yourself, it’s not as hard as it seem so long as you hire reputable wedding vendors.  So who are these people?  You’ll start with a wedding planner for either full service wedding planning or month-of coordination and he or she will work with you to hire your wedding photographer, wedding florist, decide on a wedding DJ or wedding band, find a hair and makeup team and even assist with finding a wedding officiant if needed.   These companies work multiple weddings a weekend so they have seen every scenario, overcome almost every unexpected obstacle, yet still bring a fresh vibe to your big day no matter how many weddings they’ve worked in their career.  That’s talent!

How can you tell if a company is a reputable wedding vendor?  Take a look at the big picture.  How long have they been in business?  Do you have a positive rating or any complaints on the Better Business Bureau?  How up-to-date and functionality is their website?  Do they have a frequent, consistent voice on social media? What do their past customers have to say about them?  Read reviews!  How quickly do they respond to your inquiry.  Are they vague about any of their services or pricing? Most important: go with you gut.  Do you trust this person/company to supply everything they’ve promised to you on the day it matters most? If all of these things line up in the affirmative, you’ve got yourself a winner!

You want to hire a wedding vendor who works their business full time, is up front about all costs, is quick to respond to you and jives with your personality.  To help you spot reputable wedding vendors even easier, we’ve compiled The Celebration Society Standards for Trust that outlines the most important business practices small businesses can stand by in their daily operations.