Wineries & Vineyards

Winery wedding venues quickly transport you and your guests to the beautiful countryside of Italy or France. With just the right amount of European charm, several ceremony and reception site options and plenty of beautiful photo opportunities set among the vineyards - really you just can't go wrong. Here's a round-up of our favorite winery wedding venue locations below...

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Wineries Wedding Venues & Vineyards Weddings

Ah, can you smell the wine!? We love a good tuscan bride, the kind of girl who dreams of hosting her big day in the middle of a vineyard and dancing the evening away sipping on a delicious mix of grapes with rolling hills in the background. Swoon! Winery weddings are romantic in essence, and make the perfect venue for an exchanging of vows.  And wineries make such gorgeous wedding venues, complete with tuscan architecture and stunning views, who wouldn’t want to have a winery wedding? These bride’s are elegant, sophisticated, and can get down on some delicious wine!

Winery bride’s crave the world traveled atmosphere at their wedding, having dreamed of exchanging vows in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. While this dream is impractical for most bride’s, winery’s make it so that the wedding of her dreams can happen without the hassle of travel.

Winery weddings are often held at clubs, such as the Bella Collina in Orlando, Fl. These clubs are in essence everything a tuscan wedding should be, featuring gorgeous architecture and stunning views that will add grandeur to your big day.

However, as beautiful as these winery weddings are, realize that since especially in southern states the wineries are often coexisting with private clubs, there will be extra fees for having your nuptials take place there. Some of these fees include parking for guests, and most venues require a coordinator provided from the venue to be there on your big day in case something happens where he or she is needed. These coordinators normally are not wedding planners, and do not set up or break down any of your decor (and if they do, it’s for a fee).

Some other questions to ask whether or not an outdoor vineyard has a contingency plan in case of bad weather,  does the winery allow beverages other than the winery’s be served, will you have access to all areas of the property for pictures or are you restricted to one area, and does the winery allow minors to attend? Since winery weddings are essentially meant to provide alcohol, many do not allow minors in due to state laws, so check guidelines carefully to make sure if this is the case.

Winery weddings are perfect for the truly romantic at heart, who wish to dance the night away with rolling hills in the background and a stunning tuscan atmosphere that will make the newlyweds think they are really in Tuscany, the heart of wine country.