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Rooftop Venues

Rooftop wedding venues bring a chic city vibe to every style wedding. Celebrate under the stars and on top of the world at these rooftop venues we found in the southeast...

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Rooftop Wedding Venues

There’s something about the allure of rooftop wedding venue that takes an average event and amps up the excitement. Overlooking the big city or basking in the glory of a mountain view, when you’re party is perched on top of a big building – it’s just feels better.  

Often found in metropolitan areas or big cities, rooftop wedding venues are rare.  After all, while there are a lot of buildings, not all of them have wedding venues on the rooftop that you can rent. If you have your heart set on getting married on the rooftop of a building, your search should start here on The Celebration Society or here to connect with a local wedding planner who knows about all the best spots to get married.

Remember, “rooftop” doesn’t always mean outside.  Often, a rooftop wedding venue is found on the penthouse level of a highrise (that is – the top floor) and features floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and streets below like The Buckhead Club in Atlanta, GA.  Sometimes the penthouse level may have access to an outside terrace, like The Peachtree Club in Atlanta, GA.  In some rare cases, a skyscraper has venue space that accesses rooftop terraces for weddings that aren’t quite on the penthouse, but still very high up.  And lastly, a rooftop wedding venue doesn’t always need be in a big city, often a smaller scale buildings in the suburbs will have rooftop space overlooking a smaller city or event the waterfront (depending on your state) to cater to the roof top wedding trend, for everyone else who is not getting married in a big city.  So many options. Your best bet is to schedule a tour of the venue you’ve found to determine which location fits your wedding style.

What is the best wedding style for a rooftop wedding setting?  Whatever you want it to be. While you typically won’t find rustic wedding designs on the top of a city skyscraper, you should feel free to design your wedding, your way.  Use the venue style for inspiration to lead the design direction.  We think rooftop weddings are best paired with glamorous, glitzy decorations that mirror the glimmer of city lights.