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Golf Course Venues

Golf Course wedding venues bring more than beautiful photo opportunities - they come with a beautiful country club reception venue to match. A win-win in our book. Plus, you can find a lot of them in the southeast. Here's a round-up of our favorite golf course wedding venues near you...

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Golf Course Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings are enchanting, no doubt about it. But in choosing some outdoor venues, you’re sacrificing some amenities that you otherwise would have considered desirable or even a necessity. Golf courses, however, will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll get the fresh air, bright sunshine, and stunning views of an outdoor venue while maintaining convenience and elegance via the country club or hotel to which the golf course is attached. For the bride and groom who need a little bit of the outdoors and a lot of polish, a golf course wedding is the way to go.  

Even if it’s only a nine-hole course, the lawn will have an expanse of options for the ceremony or reception so you can get the view that suits you perfectly. The grass will almost always be green and it will always be manicured, so there’s no need to worry about something unsightly making its way into your wedding. And if there’s a problem with the weather, you’ll be right next door to another beautiful venue that will make an easy backup location.

You will, as well, have access to the well trained and expert staff of the hotel or country club that owns the golf course. Because your wedding will be on the property of these spaces, you will–in all likelihood–be required to use the onsite caterer and will not be allowed to bring outside alcohol. However, highly skilled chefs will be in charge and provide you with options from pre-set menus or work with you to create personalized courses. If at a hotel, you and your guests will have the convenience of onsite accommodations and potential budget-friendly packages.

As you search for golf course venues near you, keep in mind that if it’s located at a country club, they may have policies that require non-members to have a referral from a member to be able to book the space. Many, however, have no such restrictions and open their event spaces to the public.