Antebellum Homes

Antebellum home wedding venues make for the most southern setting you could possible find. Experience the intimacy of a home wedding, with all of the features and capabilities of a grand wedding venue. See our favorite venues below...

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Antebellum Home Wedding Venue

If your inner Scarlett O’hara is craving a southern style wedding – you’ll want to consider an antebellum home or southern plantation to host your wedding venue.  These homes are often also categorized as historic locations, but deserve a special category all to themselves because of their very specific neoclassical architectural style characteristic of the 19th-century Southern United States.

Beyond being historic, they are beautiful.  You’ll recognize them for their white walls, tall columns, expansive porches and picturesque properties that span across many acres, an antebellum home wedding venue gives you the feeling of getting married at home, and the chance to imagine what it’s like to live at a grand estate.

An antebellum home wedding venue often has a beautiful bride’s room for the bridal party to get ready in, a ton of beautiful spots for photography on the property inside the venue, on the porches and on the lawns, outdoor ceremony sites and chances are the venue has built on an additional modern ballroom to accommodate large wedding receptions.

These homes are in the business of weddings so they come with everything you may need for your wedding – often offering all-inclusive wedding packages if you desire something like this or a reputable preferred vendor list to help you book your vendors will ease and speed.

If you choose to get married at an antebellum home, your wedding planning process will likely be at ease with the help of their full service staff assisting your every decision along the way.  But don’t forget, not all venues are created equally, so make sure you find out about everything included in the venue packages before you reserve your wedding date.