Georgia Wedding Consultants

Consultants with the Details

70 Whitlock Place
Marietta, GA 30064


Ever wonder why you need a consultant on your wedding day or what is a consultant even? Well let us tell you. We are here to help you, to guide you and to teach you all about the wedding industry… all while taking the stress, of the day, on our shoulders. Consult with us on design, etiquette or even the little details, like stationary patterns and colors. We will consult with you about all the little details but you have to contact us to find out. 

Been In The Business: 7
Known For: Timelines
Prices & Fees:
900 +
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Jennifer Wood

Briden Wedding Consultants is home to Georgia Wedding Consultants. Not only that, we are home home to Tennessee WC I Florida WC I Alabama WC I South Carolina WC. We offer a team of trained professionals in the field of wedding consultancy. We are an employee based company who generates master timelines for your wedding day needs. Come meet our team and let us help you create your dream wedding!


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