Wedding Planners

Ranging from full service event design to hourly day-of coordination, a wedding planner is your go-to person for all wedding-related questions. This is the person who looks over contracts, secures vendors, sets up the timeline... all you need to do is sign on the dotted line and smile on the big day!

Wedding Planners

It’s been said that “money can’t buy you time” but we’re here to tell you – if you hire a wedding planner, it can.  A wedding planner is the one guaranteed wedding expense that will provide you with the free time you need to enjoy your engagement.  Wedding planners take all of the event details and run the show.  They organize all parties involved, plan the logistics of the wedding day, help negotiate with vendors, review contracts, create the day-of schedule and make sure everyone remains on time all while you are gushing over your engagement ring and on the wedding day, they stay behind to clean it all up.

All of those services are dependent on the type of wedding planner you hire. There are full service wedding planners who manage every single detail from the moment you sign the contract and send in your deposit.  Full service wedding planners range in price from $5,000 – $7,000+

Month-of wedding planners (also frequently called “day-of wedding coordinators”) who help you bring together the final details the month before the wedding date.  They’ll often help sure up the day-of schedule and then on the wedding day they will make sure everything runs on schedule.  In the wedding world we say “there’s no such thing as a day-of wedding coordinator” because it is very difficult for one person to just show up on the day of the wedding and know everything that is going on and be able to keep the schedule on track.  If your budget is really tight – go with a month-of wedding planner.  Month-of wedding planners will likely charge between $2,000-$3,000 depending on the scope of work involved.

Keep in mind, the contact person at your wedding venue is not a wedding planner. While she can help you with all the elements that happen at your venue – she can’t do everything else…. Like keep your mom calm and composed, make sure your groomsmen are dressed and ready as they should be and drive your wedding gifts to your house.

Questions to ask a wedding planner when you meet with them…  How do you charge?  Per hour, lump sum or a percentage of the total wedding budget?  Are there specific vendors she/he likes to use?  What is the process of selecting and hiring wedding vendors? What is the process of paying vendors?  Is that done through the wedding planner or do I pay my vendors directly?  Does the wedding planner handle guest list coordinate and RSVPs?  What is your speciality?  How many meetings will we have together?  

When you delegate the stress of wedding planning to an experienced wedding planner, it will be the best wedding gift you could give yourself.