Wedding Photographers

These wedding photographers know a thing or two about capturing every smile, tear and dance move on your wedding day. Check out our list of the best of the best.

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Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is an exciting time as you begin to think about how you will immortalize the special moments of your wedding day for the rest of your days and quite honestly one of the most important vendor decisions you will make.  We suggest hiring your wedding photographer 10-11 months in advance so that you can find a photographer that perfectly matches your style, vibes with your personality and he or she won’t be booked on the day of your wedding.  That’s true: wedding photographer schedules get booked up almost one year in advance so start your planning early!  

Now is the time to start talking to your fiance about what type of photos you want to have?  Do you prefer light and airy photos made popular by film wedding photographers or do you like the drama of flash photography and want a photographer well trained in off camera lighting.  And don’t forget about portraits. Do you want traditional family portraits or would you rather a photojournalistic approach to your wedding images and forego the family wedding portraits.  These are all discussions you should have together with your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Pricing
A professional wedding photographer will likely charge between $3,000 – $6,000+ depending on their experience level, demand and services offering in their packages.

Questions to ask a wedding photographer when you meet with them….
What is your primary style of photographer?  Traditional or documentary?  How independent is the photographer?  Does he want to know all of the shots you’d like or have free reign to capture all the moments of the wedding day at will?  Will the photographer you book be the one to shoot your wedding?  How many photographers will be at my wedding?  Do I have to pay extra for you to bring a second shooter? What happens if the photographer is ill on the day of the wedding?  What are their backup procedures? What is included in your pricing?  Albums, hours of coverage, engagement session, etc?  Has the photographer ever worked on your wedding venue