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One of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter on the day of your wedding is the catering bill.  And rightfully so because your wedding is the equivalent of taking all of your closest friends and family out to an extravagant dinner including salads, drinks, entrees and dessert.  Add all that up and multiple by your guest list and you start to understand why wedding catering is a big part of your budget. So, what will your guests eat at your wedding reception?  No matter if you are a foodie type, ultra picky eater or someone who will eat anything there are creative options to help serve your guests and give them a tasteful treat.

You could opt for a traditional buffet style reception where guests serve themselves, but don’t think this option will be that much less expensive.  Often, the caterer plans for more food because they can’t control portions.  Another modified buffet style option are chef attended food stations where chefs are cooking live and serving your guests as they visit each station.  This is a great way to mix up your menu and introduce a few different style foods.  If all this sounds like too much walking, opting for the traditional seat and serve option where catering staff bring plates to the table just like at a restaurant.  Best bet is to talk about your wedding budget and visions for your big day with a professional wedding caterer before you get your heart set on one option.

Questions to ask your wedding caterer….. Do you specialize in specific food types? Do we get to taste your food before we hire you? Will the caterer provide wait staff and is that an extra cost? What will the catering staff wear at the wedding? Will you feed everyone including the band members, photographer, wedding planner? Is tax and gratuity included? How do you handle cleanup and removal?

Catering Costs

Catering costs are dependent on the menu, venue and set up, but to give you a starting point you can budget for between $45 – $95+ per person not including any alcohol, linen or decor upgrades.