Mens' Attire

Coordinate your groom and his groomsmen in tuxedos or relaxed formalwear from these menswear rental providers. Rental tuxedos can be chic, we promise!

Groom’s Tux and Menswear Rentals

A lot of attention is given to the bride and what she will wear on the big day. Her dress is bought months in advance and agonized over for even longer. But the groom and his groomsmen are just as much a priority when it comes to wedding day attire. The suits or tuxedos that the husband-to-be and his attendants are clothed in contribute to the overall tone of the event and set a standard for the guests.

Menswear, however, can get a bit expensive should you choose to buy. So the most common option for the groom is to rent his wedding attire. This saves a lot of money for both the couple and the groomsmen and allows for greater options when deciding on dress. For many budget conscious couples, menswear rental is the way to go.

It is recommended, first off, to rent your menswear around six months in advance. This gives the tailor and the rental company plenty of time to get everything you need in order.

But before you rent, you and your betrothed need to decide on your menswear style. If you are having an elegant, black tie event, a tuxedo is going to be your best bet. For an only slightly less formal option, you can opt for a black suit and white shirt. Most weddings will have a dark blue or charcoal grey suit with ties and accoutrement that coordinate with the bridal party. Tropical destinations lend a little more leeway and allow for lighter suits and brighter colors. Menswear styles can be varied but single-breasted jackets are most common and most comfortable while double-breasted and tuxedos are more high-formality.

Pricing on your menswear rental will vary according to style, the amount of time you intend to rent, and the menswear designer. A suit rental on average will cost from $80 to $160 while a tuxedo rental averages around $190. Tuxedo rental can go as high as $500, but will usually cost from 10% to 30% of the cost to buy. A fitting is included in the menswear rental price.

Questions to ask your menswear vendor: What extra accessories are included in the rental price? When is the suit due back? Is there a late fee? What are the conditions in case of damage?