Hair & Makeup

These beauty-professionals can help you feel your very best on your wedding or event day. Applying faux eyelashes or perfectly styling an up-do is a task better left to the pros, trust us.

Hair & Makeup Vendors

On your wedding day, with pictures that will last through generations and 100 eyes right on you, you want your hair and makeup to be utterly flawless. That’s a given. You could certainly try to do it yourself (for only the cost of a curling iron and some foundation), but that’s a pretty risky move. Far too much can go wrong when your hair and makeup are in your own hands or even the hands of a capable bridesmaid.

That’s why we suggest turning yourself over to a professional. Having a hair and makeup artist on site for your wedding day can alleviate a lot of stress and guarantee that not a hair nor eyelash will be out of place. It’s suggested to book your hair stylist and makeup artist around 9 months in advance, as space can fill up quickly when you find someone talented. And don’t necessarily rest assured that your favorite neighborhood stylist does wedding hair. It can be a complicated process that not all salons are willing to delve into.

Begin by talking to your chosen stylist about what you’re looking for in your hair and makeup–an updo, half-up, or down and curled hair, natural and blush, or sparkling and smokey makeup. Discuss the style of your wedding and the air you would like to give off.

For most salons and studios, cost is going to be fairly straightforward. Prices for wedding day hair can range anywhere from $80 to $300, though most will hover around $100 to $150. On site makeup can range from $50 to $150. Most salons will offer a hair and makeup trial run which can cost anywhere from $50 to $150. This is a good option to make sure you’re happy with your appearance before your actual day.

Questions to Ask your hair and makeup bridal stylist: Do you offer bridal party packages? On the day of, how much time should I budget for the process? What style is your specialty? Is there a particular style of makeup or hair that you think would compliment my wedding style and dress more than others?